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My mission as a coach is to help women feel unconditionally loved, divinely empowered, and deeply worthy of the life they truly desire.

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Hey Love!

Does your fear of abandonment take control of your life sometimes? And do you want to take that control back?? Do you want to react and make decisions, not from fear, but from love? Do you want to act – and react – in deep alignment with who you truly are?

The Fear Of Abandonment

Fears That Get in the Way

Many times I’ve wondered why I keep choosing to fall in love when it typically brings up so much pain, discomfort, dependency, sadness, emptiness, fear, heartache, loss of focus, anger, anxiety, disgust, unease, loss of self, loss of freedom. You name it, it comes up for me. It can straight up feel like a form of masochism or an abusive relationship with Love itself, where the good parts are epically good, but the bad is so damn bad, there’s nothing worse in the world. And the deeper the love, the more frightening it can be and usually is. But I keep returning to it, my higher self keeps choosing it. Because my soul knows this is where I have the work to do in this lifetime.

If Falling In Love Is So Hard, Why Do We Keep Doing It?

Fears That Get in the Way

IS ROMANTIC LOVE AN ILLUSION? Is it really just two people PROJECTING ALL OVER each other? I’ve wondered this many times in the past, because, as it turns out, most of the love I’ve been in was ENTIRELY projectional. It’s the kind of love that we’re taught about in movies and fairy tales. It’s based on immediate feelings of home and deep connection, crazy chemistry and passion, fireworks galore; my knight in shining armor. You know the drill. But surprisingly, none of those relationships worked out in the end!

Is Romantic Love An Illusion?

What is Love