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I love to focus on inner child healing in my life, my coaching practice, and my retreats because I believe that a wounded inner child is the root of most of our blockages and limiting beliefs in life. She was certainly that for me!

My mission as a coach is to help women feel unconditionally loved, divinely empowered, and deeply worthy of the life they truly desire.

Hey, Beautiful!

It would be my honor to help you integrate your core wounds, so they are no longer getting in the way of your true happiness and joy.

Which brings us to you!

I moved to Central America, studied with many incredible teachers, and learned the coaching tools, processes, and practices, to heal our inner children and empower our higher selves (like our amazing inner goddesses!). A year later, I was not only able to step into the person I always knew that I was, and attract the relationship of my dreams, but I learned how to guide other women to do the same thing.

4 years ago, I finally listened to the divine and my entire life changed!

I spent 20 years in therapy talking about and analyzing all of my unhealthy, repetitive patterns that didn't serve me. I took workshops, courses, read books, worked with coaches, certified as a sound healer, studied Abraham Hicks teachings, but things only slowly improved in my life. I just knew that this person wasn't the real me.

About 10 years ago, I finally felt worthy enough to stop dating assholes, but I kept choosing unavailable men, over and over, no matter how well I understood my own patterns and why they were there. I was so afraid I would never attract a healthy long-term relationship or find the career I was meant for. And I just felt so stuck. Stuck in my life, stuck in love, stuck in California, stuck everywhere that matters.

I'm now married to an amazing partner, with a dream job,
living a blissful life of travel and adventure.
But it wasn't always like this...

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Coffee wins for me every time - it's the only way to start the day!




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The ocean is my GODDESS - I worship her and must be live her!




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Curling up with my hubby and a good book is my fave.

Going out


Staying in

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Board game nights at home are the jam!

Let's play a game!

I'm obsessed with house plants - I have well over 20!

Yoga keeps me calm and grounded. It's my daily medicine.

I'm an essential oil junkie - bergamot's my all time fave!

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