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“The Four Laws Of Spirituality”

• The first says “the person who comes is the right person”, that is to say, that no one comes into our lives by chance, all the people around us are there for a reason, to help us learn and grow and move forward in life.

• The second law says “what happens is the only thing that could have happened”. Nothing, but nothing, that happens to us in our lives could have been otherwise. Not even the most insignificant detail. There is no: ” if I had done such a thing…it would have happened differently…”. No. What happened was the only thing that could have happened, and it had to have been like this for us to learn that lesson and move on. Each and every one of the situations that happen to us in our lives is perfect.

• The third says: “anytime it starts is the right time”. Everything begins at the right time, neither before, nor after. When we are ready for something new to start in our lives, it’s there when it will begin.

• And the fourth and last law: “when something ends, it ends”. Just like that. If something ended in our lives, it is for our evolution, therefore it is better to leave it, move forward and advance already enriched with that experience.

These spiritual laws have helped guide me more times than I can remember. I hope they serve as a beautiful reminder for you as well 🙂


December 2, 2021