I'm Jessica   a self-love & divine empowerment coach

I’m here to guide extraordinary women like you on a profound journey of self-discovery. Through our transformational coaching, you’ll awaken to your innate worth, cultivate self-love as your foundation, connect with your true divinity, and rediscover your boundless power. 

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When I experience a situation that I feel I have no control over, I GIVE IT UP TO THE DIVINE. Like my suitcase gets lost while traveling, I like someone and don’t know if they like me, I’m being called to do something scary or risky. Pretty much any experience I have involving other people...

Give it up to the Divine.

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- Ane

"Jess not only helps you heal from trauma, but she helps you better understand and nurture your relationship with yourself and others. I learned how to better love myself, how to better love others, and how to let others love me better. I’m forever grateful” 

"After working with Jessica, I feel more confident and independent, and in turn, am less accepting of treatment from others that isn't what I desire or what I deserve. I'm able to be so much stronger in my boundaries and can easily express my needs in relationship. The biggest lesson I learned was that I am enough, and I will never leave or abandon myself, so there is nothing to fear. I think everything else stems from that sense of self-worth and appreciation of myself."

- allison

- lorna

"Jessica listened very attentively to everything I said, picking up on small things that turned out to be big, and instinctively directed our sessions deep into a number of issues that had been holding me back. Jessica not only created a safe space for me to be authentic and free throughout my process, but offered a unique experience with her cheerful and accepting personality. She was always cheering me on to embrace my unique and beautiful self."

"Jessica brings wonderfully playful, even mischievous energy to her work, which makes one feel like a co-conspirator in a thrilling adventure. Absolutely, I would recommend her. Jessica’s enthusiasm for self-love and personal growth is infectious. I’m thankful for the time we spent together."

- e.

- anne

“Working with Jess will open new doors of the healing process. It will offer you new and especially creative ways to view your life experience and process your environment. Jess is really in tune and listens for what truly matters to you and customizes your coaching to whatever you truly need.”

- Jennifer

"Jessica created a safe space where I felt I could be vulnerable, which helped brings things to the surface I didn’t know were there. She helped me learn how to set healthy boundaries and welcome negative emotions with love and curiosity. And most importantly, she helped me cultivate deep self-love. Now, I’m much more focused on self-love than I was before, and I understand it as a necessary foundation."