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7 Signs You Have A Wounded Inner Child

1 ♡ Relationships are a challenge for you. And it doesn’t matter in which way they are a challenge, just that they are.

2 ♡ You can be overly emotional and have temper-tantrums or over-reactions that others don’t really understand.

3 ♡ You have an anxious or avoidant attachment style.

4 ♡ You struggle with self-worth.

5 ♡ Safety and trust do not come easily to you in relationships.

6 ♡ You have painful relationships with one or both of your parents.

7 ♡ You feel fearful or shy on a regular basis.

❥ ❥ ❥

I used to embody every single one of these signs. This is basically just a description of me from the past!.

And now, after healing my inner child, I can proudly say that none of them are still holding true. Well, maybe #6….haha. I mean, no one is perfect.

The truth is, many of us still have a wounded inner child, because most of us (if not all of us) experienced trauma as a kid.

And if it’s still unresolved and trapped in our bodies, it will heavily influence our lives, our choices, our relationships, and our happiness.

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If this resonates with you, I would LOVE to invite you to a have a 35-min discovery call with me. Once a year, I have space that opens in my 1:1 inner child healing + divine empowerment coaching practice for womyn. Contact me anytime, to further investigate.

With a deep love, Jess

December 14, 2021